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August 7, 2009

On this day, just a little over a year ago, a crazy idea began to form in my head.  It was on this day that I discovered that creative reuse centers existed out there in the world, but just not in Houston.  Continue reading

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A review of my most recent show: “Bless My Sole”

Via: The Great God Pan Is Dead

Brian Neal Sensabaugh at G Gallery

Brian Neal Sensabaugh
Brian Neal Sensabaugh, Feet First, mixed media, 2010

Brian Neal Sensabaugh uses a variety of found material in his pieces in this show at G Gallery. Crutches, tables, doilies, pantyhose, a carboy, wooden chairs, veterinary equipment, etc. He is a clear descendant of Edward Kienholz. He favors two materials over all others–shoes and dolls. Continue reading

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Houston Profile: Brian Neal Sensabaugh (via In(side) the Loop)

Here is a great post from 2007. It comes from my friend Courtney’s blog “In(side) The Loop! Be sure to check out the great content on her blog.

Houston Profile: Brian Neal Sensabaugh The average person spends over two hours browsing through Anthropologie. I think that has less to do with the actual merchandise [not to take away from how utterly incredible it is], but more to do with the intricate merchandising. The store display alone draws you in and keeps you there…for a very long time! The atmosphere is ever changing, but always feels as though you are in your eclectic Grandmother’s closet and a fabulous untapped flea mark … Read More

via In(side) the Loop

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Hello world!

Welcome to my blog. This is a place for me to provide updates on upcoming shows, share my thoughts, and show you what I have been working on. Stay tuned!

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